Adobe Pagemill 2


Introduction to This CD
Installation and Setup
PageMill Overview
Planning Your Site
Setting Some Preferences

Basic Text Control

Creating Your First Page
Entering Text onto a Page
Importing Text
Indenting Text
Aligning Text
Styles Of Text
Preformatted Text

Adding Color to Your Pages

Text Color
Background Color
Changing The Color Palette


Types Of Graphics to Use
Importing Images
Sizing Images
Background Images
Run Text Around Graphics
Missing Images


Creating and Modifying Lines
Using Graphics as Lines

Hypertext Links

Hypertext Links to Documents
Links to Other Websites
Coloring The Links
Anchor Links on Same Page
Anchor Links on Another Page
Anchor Back to Top
Using Graphics as Links
Email Links
Links to Download Files

Image Maps

Introduction to Imagemaps
Creating Your Imagemap
Testing The Imagemap
Adding Map to Other Pages


Bullet Lists
Numbering Lists
HTML Extensions For Lists
Other Types Of Lists


How Forms Work
Starting The Form
Using Preformatted to Format
Scrolling Text Fields
Radio Buttons
Popup and Scrolling Lists
Password Fields
Hidden Fields
Send and Reset Buttons
Graphical Submit Button
Allowing User to Upload File


Creating a Simple Table
Formatting Text In Cells
Cell Width, Height & Spacing
Add & Delete Rows & Cols
Spacing Problem
Coloring Your Table
Data From Spreadsheets
Use Of Tables In Forms
Insert Rows/Cols Shortcut


Getting Started With Frames
Put Content Into Frames
Scrolling and Resizing
Frame Targets
No Frames Message
Frame Borders

Getting Your Site Online

Uploading From a Mac
Remote Admin From a Mac
Uploading From a PC
Remote Admin From a PC
Download Statistics
Getting a Domain Name
Advertise Site & Meta Tags

Plugins, Multimedia and Java

Configuring For Plug-Ins
Music and Sound
QuickTime VR
Animated Gifs - Macs
Animated Gifs - PCs
PDF Files
Java Applets

Setting Up Apple Webservers

Setting Up Webstar
Setting Up as a Mailserver
Setting Up Ftp Server

CGIs - Making Them Work

Cgis & Server Plugins
Sending and Receiving Forms
Forms.Acgi on The Mac
Databases and Cgis
Counter Cgis

Setting Up Tango in FileMaker

Setting Up

Learning to Use the Query Builder

Creating a FileMaker Data Source
Creating a Search Page
Searching a Contacts Database
Webstar Actions
Changing the Field Titles
Changing Button Titles
Using Operators
Using Popup Menus
Radio Buttons
Formatting Fields
Appearance for the Results Page
Allowing User to Update Information

Adding Records

Adding New Records to Database
Changing the Appearance
Using Meta Tags

Query Documents

Adding a Search Field
Adding Fields to a Results List
User Adding Information to a Database
Adding a Field to the Search
Adding a Find All Button
Some Quick Debugging
Calculate Number fo Record in Database
Using Calculations on Fields
Combining Query Documents

Advanced Tango Functions

Popup Menu/Values for Database
Using the FileMaker Script

Tango Demos

Notes on Demos

VTC Registration Database

VTC Registration Database
VTC Mailing List