Adobe Photoshop 6 Advanced Techniques

Introduction and Overview of Course

Introduction and Overview of Course

Wax Seal

Overview & Setup of Seal
Outer Wax Pt1
Outer Wax Pt2
Inner Circle
Beveled Text and Finishing

Stone Calculator

Overview & Setup of Calculator
Stone Texture Pt1
Stone Texture Pt2
Main Body Shape
Main Body Contour
Digital Display
Buttons Pt1
Buttons Pt2
Numbers and Finishing


Overview & Setup of Eyeball
Iris Pt1
Iris Pt2
Iris Pt3
Outer Highlight and Main Eyeball
Iris Shadow
Iris Highlight
Eyeball Shadow
Blood Vessels
Tweaking and Modifying


Overview & Setup of Meteor
Surface Texture Pt1
Surface Texture Pt2
Surface Texture Pt3
Flame Trail
Tweaking and Finishing

Glass and Plastic Shapes

Overview & Setup of Shapes
Basic Button Shape
Lower Highlight
Upper Highlight
Text and Tweaking
Sphere Pt1
Sphere Pt2
Irregular Shapes Pt1
Irregular Shapes Pt2

Metal and Glass Web Interface

Overview & Setup of Interface
Metal Holder
Metal Holder Bevels
End Caps
End Cap Bevels
End Cap Indents
Button Duplication
Metal Support Bar
Slicing and Exporting
HTML Optimization

Web Navigation Panels

Overview & Setup of Navigation Panels
Panel Shape and Indents
Text and Resizing
Dim Jewel
Slicing and Export Pt1
Slicing and Export Pt2
HTML Layout

Metal and Rust

Overview & Setup of Metal & Rust
Rust Texture
Rusty Panel
Brushed Metal
Patchy Rust Transparency Pattern
Patchy Rust
Rusty Text

Animated Web Banner

Overview & Setup of Banner
Snowfall Pattern
Animation and Export

Bottle Label

Overview & Setup of Label
Basic Label
Spherize and Resize
Shear For Perspective
Fine Tuning and Gradient Overlay