Animating In Flash


Animating in Flash
Mac & PC Conventions
System Requirements
Screen Resolution
Drawing Tools
Production Formats


Writing the Story
Camera Angles
Acting Before Animation

Case Study: Silencer

Setting Up the Scenes
Camera Work
Timing & Suspense

Basic Animation Techniques

Frame by Frame
Motion Tweening
Squash & Stretch
Secondary Motion
Realism vs. Exaggeration
Reversing Animation
Bouncing a Ball
Using MovieClips

Morph Animation

Shape Tweens
Creating a Tear Drop
Return of The Blob

Creation in External Applications

Drawing Tools
Drawing in Illustrator
Drawing in Photoshop

Drawing & Scanning

Scanning Line Art
Tracing & Coloring in Illustrator
Exporting to Flash
Tracing Art in Flash
Using Clip Art

Creation Within Flash

Drawing in Flash
Onion Skinning
Fake 3D Pt.1
Fake 3D Pt.2

Character Preparation

Creating Symbols
Break Apart for New Parts
Pivot Points
Library Organization

Project 1 - Talking Toast Show

Reading the Script
Character Setup
Building the set Pt.1
Building the set Pt.2
Building the set Pt.3

Voice Overs

Character Motivations
Voice Overs

Lip Sync

Setting Up for Audio
Creating Audio
Creating Mouth Shapes
Swapping Symbols

Character Animation

Initial Animation Pt.1
Initial Animation Pt.2
Blinks & Eyebrows
Importing Audio Pt.1
Importing Audio Pt.2
Sharing Libraries
Syncing Dialogue
Secondary Animation

Timing Sound Effects

Editing Sound
Timing Sound
Free Sound Resources

Using Video

Importing Video
Editing Video
Animating Video

Special Effects

Fade In & Out
Flash Motion Blur
Photoshop Motion Blur
Faking Depth of Field
Parallax Scrolling
Flying Vehicles
Making a Wall Crack
Faking Slow Motion
Underwater Caustics Pt.1
Underwater Caustics Pt.2
Cloaking a Starship

Disecting the Film - The Window Pain

Software Used
Mixing the Audio
Viewing the Film
Window Pain Commentary
Importing into Dreamweaver

Project Two - GodLeezard Attacks!

Puppet Animation
Production Pipeline
Preparing Clip Art
Godleezard Surfaces
City Shake
City Stomp
Military Strike
Bombs Away
Bye Godleezard

Optimizing Files

Reducing Curves
Size Reports


Animation Websites
Books & Magazines
Scriptwriting Resources

Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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