C Plus Plus

Intro to C++ & the Environment

Intro to C/C++
The C++ Environment
Completing the Sample Program
Compiling & Executing Programs
Common errors
Saving & Exiting; other errors

Variables,Constants, & Math Statements

Data Types
Declaration statements & Initializing variables
Declaring Constants
Assignment Statements vs. Prompting for user input

The String Data Type; Equations

Character vs. String data
Using the getline function and the strcpy function
Writing equations and Type casting
Putting it all Together: Demo of complete program
Debugging Demo

Programmer-Defined Functions

Creating Programmer-Defined Functions
Details of Function prototypes, definition and the calling statement
Scope & Lifetime issues; Passing data with functions
Passing Variables by Value and by Reference
Functions that Return Values
Debugging Demo

Creating Output (formatting and creating files)

Stream Manipulators (formatting output)
The Output File Stream: Accessing the Output File
Demo Program (Demo 12) to Illustrate
Debugging Demo

Using the if Statement

Syntax of a Conditional Statement
Relational Operators
Executing if Logic (one statement vs. block)
Assignment Operator vs. Equality Operator
Logical Operators (symbols for: and, or, not)

Other Functions; Nested if Statements

Converting to Upper/Lower Case
Comparing Strings (strcmp and stricmp functions)
The Strlen Function
Nested if Statement Structure
Demo of Complete Program


Overview of the Looping Structures
Demo of the While Loop
Demo of the Do-While Loop
Demo of the For Loop
Counters and Accumulators in Loops
Demo of Complete Program
Increment/Decrement Operator (what does C++ mean?)*