Digidesign Pro Tools LE 6


Introducing Pro Tools
Keeping Up to Date
Install Mac Software
Install PC Software


Creating a Session
Session Folder Layout
Creating Audio Tracks
Managing Audio Tracks
Importing Audio pt. 1
Importing Audio pt. 2

Audio Recording Basics

Basic I/O Setup
Recording Levels pt. 1
Recording Levels pt. 2
Monitoring Latency
Recording an Audio Track
Using Click Tracks
Punch Recording

Editing Basics

Timeline Navigation and Rulers
Slip and Grid Modes
Relative Grid and Shuffle Modes
The Zoomer Tool
The Selector Tool
The Trim Tool
The Grabber Tool
The Scrubber Tool
The Smart Tool
The Pencil Tool
Playing at Different Speeds
Nudging Regions

Editing Technique

Separating Regions
Consolidating Regions
Using Playlists
Audio Regions List pt. 1
Audio Regions List pt. 2
Batch Fades
Fade Settings
Using Edit Groups
Using Memory Locations
Loop Recording pt. 1
Loop Recording pt. 2

Mixing Basics

Audio Signal Flow
Levels and Panning
A Balanced Mix
Panning for Gold
Auxiliary Channel Strips
Creating a Submix
Send Options
Using Mix Groups
Using a Master Channel Strip
Managing Voices
Using Channel Inserts

DigiRack Plug-Ins

AudioSuite Plug-Ins pt. 1
AudioSuite Plug-Ins pt. 2
Keyboard Control of Plug-Ins
Saving Plug-In Settings
RTAS Plug-Ins
RTAS and System Usage
DigiRack Equalizers
DigiRack Compressors pt. 1
DigiRack Compressors pt. 2
DigiRack Gate
DigiRack Expander and DeEsser
DigiRack Chorus and Flanger
DigiRack Delays
DigiRack Time and Pitch
DigiRack Potpourri

Bouncing to Disk

Reduction Mix
Sample Rate Conversion
Using Dither


Intro to MIDI
MIDI Setup
MIDI Programs and Patches
MIDI Recording pt. 1
MIDI Recording pt. 2
Editing MIDI Notes
Editing MIDI Note Attributes
MIDI Regions
Tempo and Meter
MIDI Menu Operation Panels

Mix Automation

Intro to Mix Automation
More Mix Automation Modes
Automating Multiple Controls
Automating Plug-Ins
Editing Automation Data pt. 1
Editing Automation Data pt. 2
Automation Wrap-Up

Appendix: 3rd Party Plug-Ins

About 3rd Party Plug-Ins
3rd Party Metering
3rd Party Equalizers
3rd Party Compressors and Limiters
3rd Party Modulators
3rd Party Delays
3rd Party Reverbs
3rd Party Pitch and Time
3rd Party Repair Tools
3rd Party Host-Based Instruments

In Conlusion

Wrapping it Up


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