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About Cleaner XL
About this Training
Using the Sample Files

Audio-Video Basics

Encoding Basics
Frame Size
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate pt. 1
Frame Rate pt. 2
Bit Depth
Audio/Video Bit Rates
Interlaced vs. Progressive
Video Compression

Getting Started

The Interface
Setting Up a Job
Using Metadata
Multifile Sources
Output Profiles
Encoder Settings

Structure of the Encoder

The Menu System
Input Profiles and Templates
The Default Template
Using Job Templates
Preference Settings pt. 1
Preference Settings pt. 2


Managing Jobs
Global Numeric Cropping
Manual Cropping
Deinterlacing Methods pt. 1
Deinterlacing Methods pt. 2
Monitor Window Scrubbing
Previewing Output
Monitor Window Features

Producing Good Results

Comparing Audio Codecs
Keyframes in Cleaner XL
Quality Settings
Reaching the Best Results pt. 1
Reaching the Best Results pt. 2
Choosing Images Sizes

Encoding in Cleaner XL

Modifying Encoder Settings
Saving Encoder Settings
QuickTime 6 Settings
Real Encoding Settings
Windows Media Settings
Audio/Video Filters
Output Destinations

Monitoring Your Jobs

The Job Queue Window
Submit to Job Queue
Job Logs and History
The Job Output Section

MPEG-4 and MP3

About MPEG-4 in XL
Overview of MPEG-4
MPEG-4 Encoder Settings pt. 1
MPEG-4 Encoder Settings pt. 2
MPEG-4 Example
MP3 Audio-only
MP4 Audio-only

MPEG-1 and MPEG-2

MPEG in Cleaner XL
MPEG Video Settings
MPEG Audio Settings
MPEG Stream Types
CBR and VBR Modes
A DVD Example pt.1
A DVD Example pt.2
An MPEG-1 Example
VCD and SVCD Discs

Windows Media

Windows Media Overview
WM Encoder Settings
Windows Media Codecs
WM Advanced Settings
A Windows Media Example
WM Intelligent Streams pt. 1
WM Intelligent Streams pt. 2
Best Settings for Windows Media

Real System

Real Overview
Real Encoder Settings
Real Audio Codecs
A Single Rate
Best Settings for Real


QuickTime Overview
QuickTime Encoder Settings
QuickTime Advanced Options
Sorenson Video 3 pt. 1
Sorenson Video 3 pt. 2
Best Settings for QuickTime

Audio and Video Filters:

Essential Video Filters pt. 1
Essential Video Filters pt. 2
More Video Filters
Video Fades and Watermarks
Audio Filter Workflow
Essential Audio Filters
Noise Reduction
Other Audio Filters

Special Encoding

Watch Folders in XL pt. 1
Watch Folders in XL pt. 2
Flash Video (FLV)
AVI Encoding pt.1
AVI Encoding pt.2
WAV Encoding
Kinoma Encoding
Other Encoding Formats

Tutorial "Wrap up"



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