Final Cut Pro 4


Non-Linear and Non-Destructive Editing
What's New in Final Cut Pro 4?

Setting Up Final Cut Pro

System Requirements and Setup
Basic Equipment Setup
Loading Settings and Saving a Project


Log and Capture Window
Logging Tab
Clip Settings Tab
Capture Settings Tab
Capture Now and Capture Clip
Batch Capture
Importing Files
Importing CD Audio

Organizing Clips In The Browser

Tabbed Windows in Final Cut Pro
Elements in the Browser Window
Creating Sequences and Bins
Icon View
Sorting and Organizing Columns
Showing and Hiding Columns
Thumbnail Column and Storyboard Layout

Playing And Marking Clips In The Viewer

The Video Tab
Transport Controls
The Audio Tab
The Filters and Motion Tab
Marking Clips
Keyboard Shortcuts for Playing Clips

Editing Clips Into The Canvas And Timeline

Dragging Clips into the Timeline
The Timeline and Canvas Windows
Dragging Clips into the Canvas
Overwrite and Insert Edits
Other Overwrite and Insert Techniques
Sequence Timecode
3-Point Editing

Basic Editing In The Timeline

Timeline Settings
Timeline Buttons and Controls
Zooming and Navigation
Moving Clips in the Timeline
Trimming with the Selection Tool
Clip Handles and Media Limits
Finding and Closing Gaps
Linking in Final Cut Pro
Sync in Final Cut Pro

The Tool Palette

Working with the Tool Palette
Selection Tools
Rolling Edit Tool
Ripple Edit Tool
Slip Edit Tool
Slide Edit Tool
Razor Blade Tools
Zoom and Hand Tools
Time Remap Tool
Crop and Distort Tools
Pen Tools

Audio In Final Cut Pro

Adjusting Levels
Reading Audio Meters
Stereo and Mono Clips
Adjusting Pan
Adjusting Audio Over Time
The Audio Mixer
The Voice Over Tool

Advanced Editing

Editing with the Keyboard
Creating L-Cuts
Deleting Between In/Out Points
Understanding the Trim Edit Window
Editing in the Trim Edit Window
Canvas and Viewer Sync Controls
Superimpose Edit
Fit to Fill Edit
Replace Edit
Editing Sequence Clips in Viewer

Preferences And System Settings

Importance of Matching Settings
Item Properties
User Preferences
System Settings
Audio/Video Settings
Creating an Easy Setup
Customizing Layouts pt. 1
Customizing Layouts pt. 2


Applying Transitions
Adjusting Transitions
Favorite and Default Transition

Rendering And Realtime

Realtime Capabilities
Rendering Settings
Managing Render Files
Previewing Effects Without Rendering


Applying Filters to a Clip
Applying Multiple Filters to Clips
Paste Attributes

Color Correction

Color Correction Principles
3-Way Color Corrector
The Frame Viewer


Creating a Basic Title
Using Motion Enhanced Titles
Using Title 3D

Keyframing And Compositing

Using Multiple Tracks in the Timeline
Adjusting Basic Motion Attributes
Adding Keyframes
Working With Keyframes
Modifying the Speed of a Clip


Exporting for LiveType
Creating an Animated Title in LiveType
Creating an Original Title
Adding Effects
Adding Graphics and Textures
Exporting from LiveType / Importing into FCP


Exporting for Soundtrack
Composing in Soundtrack
Exporting from Soundtrack / Importing into FCP

Output To Tape

Finishing Video and Audio
The Three Ways to Layoff to Tape
Preferences to Check
Outputting From the Timeline
Print to Video
Edit to Tape

Exporting Files

Export a Full Quality QuickTime Movie
Export for the Web
Export for DVD Using Compressor


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