Java- Introduction to the Java Programming Language


Course Introduction
What is Java?
What You Will Need
A Few Important Words
The Command Line Installation
Course Overview

Two Programs Named Howdy

The Source Code of Howdy
Compiling and Running Howdy
The Source Code of a Howdy Window
Compiling and Running Howdy Window
Adding Exits to Howdy Window

Drawing Text in a Window

Font Anatomy
Positioning Text Version pt. 1
Positioning Text Version pt. 2
Positioning Text Version pt. 3
Garbage Collection
Selecting Fonts
Selecting Colors

A Few Language Fundamentals

The Arithmetic Data Types
More Fundamental Data Types
The String Class
If and Conditionals
Listing Fonts

Classes, Data, and Access

Fundamental Inheritance
The Sun Documentation
The Creation of an Object
More About Constructors

Drawing and Painting

Drawing Rectangles
Filling Rectangles
Drawing and Filling Circles
The Rounded Rectangle
Drawing and Filling Arcs
Inventing a Shape of Your Own
Rectangle with a Beveled Edge
Simple Color Shading
The Checkerboard and Shading Problems
Two Checkerboard and Shading Solutions

Graphic Files

Loading a Graphic File from Disk
Displaying a Graphic Image
Loading a Graphic File from the Internet
Scaling Images
Drawing in Memory
Picture Checkerboard Problem
Picture Checkerboard Solution

Simple Animation

A Simple Thread Example
A Simple Animation
Overcoming the Flicker Problem
Pong Program One
Pong Program Two
The Switch and Case Statement
The Doomed Vessel

Introduction to Applets

Applet Fundmentals
The Constructor and Init
An Applet is a Creature of the Internet
Creating a Production Applet
Animated Applet Structure
One Bouncing Ball
One Hundred Bouncing Balls
The Autumn Leaves Applet

Responding to the Mouse

Java Interfaces
A Simple Mouse Clicker
Moving an Object in a Window
Dragging an Object in a Window
Dragging a Returning Object in a Window


Components and the AWT
Placing Buttons in Panel
Listening to Buttons in a Panel
Poking Text into a Label
A Choice is for Making a Selection
A List is for Making a Selections
A Text Field is for Typing
Toggles Turn On and Off

Placing Components in a Window

Containers and Layout Managers
The Border Layout Manager
The Grid Layout Manager
The GridBag Layout Manager pt. 1
The GridBag Layout Manager pt. 2
The Card Layout Manager
The XY Layout Manager

Dialogs and Menus

A Non-Modal Dialog
A Modal Dialog
A Messaging Dialog
A Menu on a Frame

Wrap Up

Command Line Options for Javac
Command Line Options for Java