Macromedia Director MX 2004


New in Director MX 2004 pt. 1
New in Director MX 2004 pt. 2
About the Training
The Sample Projects

Getting Started

The Interface
The Stage and Score
More of the Score Window
The Property Inspector
Casts and the Cast Window

Working in Director

Improved MX 2004 Workflow
Planning Your Projects
Movie Properties
Display Templates
Appearance Options
Sprites and Channels
The Tools
Previewing a Movie

Mastering Your Workspace

The Menu System pt. 1
The Menu System pt. 2
Laying Out Your Project
Grids and Guides
The Library Palette
Find and Replace
The Message Window
Organizing and Saving Workspaces


Cast Members
Importing Cast Members
Cast Properties
Working with Color
Image and Media Casts
Organizing Casts


Selecting Sprites
Overlaying Sprites
Aligning Sprites
Transforming Sprites
Sprite Properties
Sprite Inks
Transparency Images

Working with Text

Embedding Fonts in Director
Classic Text and Web Links pt. 1
Classic Text and Web Links pt. 2
Members and Text Properties
Importing Text
Text Fields and Labels

Paint and Vectors

The Paint Window
The Vector Window
Creating Vector Shapes

Programming Concepts

Lingo and JavaScript
JavaScript in Director
Variables and Scope
Naming Variables
Expressions and Statements
Control Structures


Types of Scripts and Behaviors
Working with Behaviors
Handlers and Functions pt. 1
Handlers and Functions pt. 2
Handlers and Functions pt. 3
Handlers and Functions pt. 4
Scripting Our Example pt. 1
Scripting Our Example pt. 2
The JavaScript Version pt. 1
The JavaScript Version pt. 2
Checkbox Buttons
Movie in a Window (MIAW) pt. 1
Movie in a Window (MIAW) pt. 2

Flash and Components

Flash Properties
Controlling Flash and Buttons
Changes to the Flash Asset Xtra
Flash MX 2004 Components
Flash Navigation
Scripting Components pt. 1
Scripting Components pt. 2


Types of Xtras
The Buddy API
Cross-Platform and Versions

Publishing and Preferences

Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3
Update Movie Options
Protected Movies
Projector and File Options
Shockwave Movies
Exporting Bitmaps and Movies

Our Full Project

Our Project
Creating and Importing Assets
Laying out the Score pt. 1
Laying out the Score pt. 2
Laying out the Score pt. 3
Finishing the Score
Scripting the Score
Behind the Scripts
Buttons and Interactivity

Completing Our Project

Tweening Our Welcome Page
Scripting Our Videos pt. 1
Scripting Our Videos pt. 2
INI Files and More Scripts pt. 1
INI Files and More Scripts pt. 2
Publishing Our Projector

DVD Support

DVD Control Features pt. 1
DVD Control Features pt. 2
Scripting DVD Functionality

More Rich Media Support

Windows Media
Real System
Managing Sound


Accessibility in Director pt. 1
Accessibility in Director pt. 2
Accessibility in Director pt. 3

Tutorial Wrap Up



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