Macromedia Director MX 2004 Lingo

Lingo Basics

Course Intro
Work Files
What is Lingo
Script Types
Writing Simple Lingo Scripts
The Script Window
Testing Scripts with the Message Window

Understanding Scripts

Sprite Behaviors
Frame Behaviors
Cast Member Scripts
Movie Scripts
Events & Event Handlers
Primary Event Handlers
Custom Handlers
Event Message Hierarchy
Review what You have Learned

Navigating With Lingo

Looping & Pausing a Movie
Jumping to New Frames
Creating Smart Navigation Scripts
Applying what You have Learned

Controlling The Score

Creating Transitions
Setting Tempo
Swapping Sprites
Changing the Cursor
Custom Cursors
Animated Cursor
Cursor Locations
Applying what You have Learned

Controlling Audio And Video

Triggering Sounds
Controlling Sound Volume
Fading Sounds
Controlling External Sounds
Synchronizing Sound
Checking QuickTime Version
Controlling QuickTime Movies
MovieTime - Skipping Frames
Frame Rate
Cropping Video?
Applying what You have Learned

Lingo Elements

Conditions and Status
JavaScript Syntax

Making Decisions

If / Then Statements
If / Then / Else If Statements
Repeat Constructs
Repeat with/down to
Case Statement
Applying what You have Learned


What are Variables?
Global Variables
Local Variables
Arguments and Passed Values
Data Types
Using Variables in Your Script

Controlling Sprite Properties

Checking Sprite Properties
Sprite Coloration: Forecolor
Sprite Location Moving Sprites
Intersect and Constrain
Dimensions of a Sprite
Visible of a Sprite
Applying what You have Learned

Tracking User Input

Tracking Mouse Clicks
Editable Text Fields
Format Text
String Lingo
More String Lingo
Idle Event Handlers
Check for User Platform
Importing through Lingo Scripting

Working With Multiple Movies And Casts

Calling Other Movies
File Location
Introduction to MIAWS
More Control over MIAWS
MIAW Interaction
Managing Multiple Casts

Lingo And Lists

Understanding Lists
Working with Linear Lists
More Linear List Commands
Property Lists
Manipulating Property Lists
Audio Playback Control Using Playlists
Review what You have Learned

Net-Savvy Lingo

Introducing NetLingo
Web Navigation
Thing Commands
Determining Done Status
Retrieving Text from the Internet
Status Lingo
Shockwave Preference Lingo


Online Assistance
Common Lingo Errors Pt.1
Common Lingo Errors Pt.2
Testing and TroubleShooting
Debugging Lingo Scripts
The Debugger Window
Memory Management Pt.1
Memory Management Pt.2

Other Lingo Improvements

New MX04 Lingo

Wrap Up



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