Macromedia Fireworks 3

Intro into Fireworks

Intro into Fireworks

Fireworks Workspace

Fireworks Workspace
Modifying The Canvas
Basic Tools Overview
Arranging Objects
Hiding and Grouping Objects
Creating and Arranging Layers

Creating and Importing Documents

Creating PNG Files
Opening Photoshop Files
Importing Documents with Copy and Paste
Importing Images; Pasting and Resampling

Drawing Objects-Object Edit Mode

Drawing Objects Overview
Drawing Paths
Drawing Lines; Rectangles; Circles and Polygons
Drawing Lines with Points

Editing Objects

Modifying Objects Overview
Selecting Objects
Displaying Paths
Reshaping Path Edit Points
Bending Paths
Cutting Paths
Painting Paths
Path Operations

Choosing Colors

Colors in Fireworks

Text and the Text Editor

Text and the Text Editor Overview
Transforming Text
Text Editor Operations

Editing Bitmaps-Image Edit Mode

Object and Image Edit Modes
Image Edit Mode
Transform Tools
Lasso Tools
Marquee Tools

Applying Effects

Live Effects
Xtras Filters

Masking and Compositing

Masking and Compositing
Blending Modes

Optimizing Graphics in Fireworks

Optimizing Overview
Optimizing in the Workspace
Optimizing Panel
Selecting File Formats

Exporting From Fireworks

Exporting Overview
Exporting Paths
Javascript Exporting
Exporting HTML

Hotspots and Image Maps

Hotspots and Image Maps

Slice Tools and Slicing Objects

Hotspots vs. Slices
Slice Objects

Buttons and the Button Editor

Button Overview
Button Editor

Advanced Rollovers

Advanced Rollovers
Disjointed Rollovers

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs

Automating Tasks

Batch Processing
Find and Replace

DreamWeaver and Fireworks

DreamWeaver Integration
Modifying JavaScript Templates

Director and Fireworks

Director Xtra