Macromedia Fireworks MX


Introduction to Fireworks MX
System Requirements
Whats new in Fireworks MX
Property Inspector and Panels
Bitmap vs. Vector Objects
Canvas Options
Importing and Pasting
Creating a New Document
Work Environment
Quick Export
Tools Panel

FW MX Workflow

Selecting Objects
Selecting Pixels
Organizing Objects
Transforming and Distorting Objects
Modifying Marquee Selections

Bitmaps in FW MX

Creating Bitmaps
Drawing/ Painting/Editing Bitmaps
Retouching Tools
Adjusting Bitmap Color and Tone
Blurring and Sharpening

Vector Objects

Drawing Basic Shapes
Freeform Paths
Plotting Path Points
Color Mixer
Strokes and Fills
Stroke Options
Fill Options
Editing Paths

Text in FW MX

Entering and Editing Text
Importing Text
Strokes/ Fills/Effects with Text
Text and Paths
Transforming Text
Converting Text to Paths
Spell Checker
Text Editor

Live Effects

Applying Live Effects
Editing Live Effects

Layers/ Masks and Blending

Working with Layers
Intro to Masks
Vector Masks
Masks with Gradients
Masks with the Layer Panel
Text Masks
Blending and Transparency

Styles/Library/Symbols and URL Panel

URL Panel


Intro to Slicing and Hotspots
Export Options
HTML Setup

Buttons and Pop Up Menu Buttons

Button Editor
Nav Bar Buttons
Layer Buttons
Pop Up Menu Buttons

Creating Animation

Animation Basics

Optimizing and Exporting

Export Wizard
Export and Optimization
Custom Optimization
File and Export Types
Quick Export

Automating Tasks

Find and Replace
Batch Process
Extensions and the Extension Manager

Designing and Development

Design Considerations
Web Site Development pt. 1
Web Site Development pt. 2
Web Site Development pt. 3
Web Site Development pt. 4
Fireworks and Web Applications pt. 1
Fireworks and Web Applications pt. 2
Fireworks and CDs