Macromedia Sitespring


What is Sitespring
Sitespring Modules
Sitespring Helper Application
The Welcome Page

Setting up a Project

Adding a Client Organisation
Creating a Project
Adding Team Members
Setting up Project Task
Creating Client Users
Modifying & Deleting Client Users
Changing Client Passwords
Creating a Project Site
Setting up Project Site

Working on a Project

Assigning a Client a Task (1)
Assigning a Client a Task (2)
Assigning a Client a Task (3)
Assigning a Team Member a Task
File Versioning
Creating a Discussion
Publishing to the Project Site
Getting Client Approval
Closing a Project and Taking a Snapshot

Sitespring Projects

Modifying Projects
Adding Users to a Project Site Contact List
Deleting Users from a Project Site
Linking Folders to a Project
Unlinking Folders from a Project
Adding a Discussion to a Project Site
Deleting a Message and Closing a Discussion
Changing User Preferences
Importing and Exporting
Deleting a Project


Task Naming Conventions
Assignment History Module
Cloning Tasks
Reassigning Tasks
Batch Editing Multiple Tasks
Creating New Status Values
Sitespring Task Extensions
Closing a Task
Task Deadlines


Linking Files to a Task
Viewing File Revisions
Reverting to a Previous Revision
Publishing Multiple Files to the Project Site
Document Lists Module
Configuring the Sitespring Helper

Project Site

Project Site Modules (1)
Project Site Modules (2)
Deleting & Adding Client Users
Adding and Removing in Contact List
Project Site Module Visibility
Adding and Removing Files and Tasks
Customizing with CSS
Customizing with JSP Tag Library (1)
Customizing with JSP Tag Library (2)
Creating Templates from a Project Site

Administering and Configuring Sitespring

Sitespring Configuration
Status Value Module
Due Date Settings
Document Categories
Displaying Custom Document Categories
User Management
System Configuration
Log Configuration
System Information
Licensing and Registration
Shared Folder Management
Revision Clean up Wizard (1)
Revision Clean up Wizard (2)
File Revision Management
Sitespring Data Folder
Backing up Databases and Project Sites


Macromedia Resources
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