Microsoft Works 4


Works Tools
Opening Existing Documents
Task Wizards
Online Help

Word Processing - Text Entry

Naming and Saving
Viewing Documents
Entering Text
Text Alignment
Correcting Text
Deleting Text
Copying Text
Moving Text
Find and Replace
Bold Text
Italic Text
Underlining Text
Sizing Text
Coloring Text
Easy Text
Spell Checking

Word Processing - Layout

Setting Margins
Hanging Indents
Setting Tabs
Moving & Removing Tabs
Tab Leaders
Page Setup
Easy Format
Headers and Footers
Page Numbers
Printing Documents
Deleting Documents

Word Processing - Miscellaneous

Bullet Lists
Word Art
Clip Art

Spreadsheet - Entering Data

Naming and Saving
Viewing Spreadsheets
Columns and Rows
Entering Data
Changing an Entry
Clearing an Entry
Decimal Places
Repeating Rows
Repeating Columns
Series of Numbers
Series of Dates
Copying Entries
Moving Entries
Aligning Entries
Bold, Italic and Underline
Change Font Size
Change Font of Entry
Change Color of Entry
Form Entry as Currency
Number Formats
Date and Time

Spreadsheet - Calculations & Layout

Easy Calc
Total a Row/Column
Creating Formulas
Cell Ranges
Using Functions
Changing Rows/Columns
Deleting Rows/Columns
Wrapping Text in a Cell
Borders and Shading
Page Setup
Printing & Previewing
Headers and Footers
Deleting a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet - Charts

Creating a Chart
Changes to a Chart
Change Chart Type
Change Chart Title
Chart Color & Pattern
Adding Entries
Chart Legends
Customize Chart Text
Printing Charts
Charts in Other Documents
Linking Charts
Deleting Charts

Data Base - Data Entry

Naming and Saving
Adding Fields
Adding Records
Copying Data
Changing Data
Deleting Data

Data Base - Displaying Information

Selecting Fonts
Coloring Text
Displaying Number
Displaying Dates

Data Base - Getting Information

Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Marking Records

Data Base - Form Design

Form Design
Form Coloring
Tab Order
Using Note-Its
Form Label
Using Clip Art
Insert a Drawing
Insert a Picture
Insert a Table or Chart

Data Base - Reports

Creating Reports
Previewing & Printing Reports
Viewing a Report
Deleting a Report

Data Base - Misc

Creating an Address Book
Mass Mailing/Form Letters
Printing Envelopes
Mailing Labels


MS Exchange & MS Fax
Setup for Sending a Fax
Sending a Fax
Setup for Receiving a Fax
Receiving a Fax
Connecting to MS Network

Microsoft Draw

Drawing Tools
Selecting Colors
Bring to Front/Send to Back
Update Changes
Adding Text

Task Wizards / create a News Letter

Using Task Wizards
Creating a Newsletter