Getting Started

What You Will Need

Database Basics

What Is A Database?
Tables and Data Pt 1
Tables and Data Pt 2

SQL Basics

Finding Your Way About
Creating a Database
Creating a Table
Column Types-String Pt 1
Column Types-String Pt 2
Column Types-Numeric Pt 1
Column Types-Numeric Pt 2
Retrieving Data With Search Criteria
Changing Existing Data
Altering A Table
Keys And Indexes
Basics Syntax Recap

Operators in MySQL

Arithmetic Operators
Numeric Comparison Operators
String Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Bitwise Operators
Regular Expressions 1
Regular Expressions 2 Pt 1
Regular Expressions 2 Pt 2
Operators Syntax Recap

Querying Your Data

Sorting Retrieved Data
Specifying Numbers of Results
Joining Tables Pt 1
Joining Tables Pt 2
More On Joining Tables
Data Aggregation
Queries Syntax Recap

More Complex SQL

Using Default Data
Date And Time 1 Pt 1
Date And Time 1 Pt 2
Date And Time 2
ENUM column type
SET column type Pt 1
SET column type Pt 2
Using Variables
Conditional: IF()
Complex Syntax Recap

Good Practices

Using SQL batch files Pt 1
Using SQL batch files Pt 2
Data Modeling Pt 1
Data Modeling Pt 2
Normalization Pt 1
Normalization Pt 2


Users And Privileges
More About Users And Privileges
The mysql Database Pt 1
The mysql Database Pt 2
Security Syntax Recap

Building A Database Application

Planning The Structure
Designing The Database Pt 1
Designing The Database Pt 2
Creating The Database Pt 1
Creating The Database Pt 2
Logging In And Out
Checking Videos In And Out Pt 1
Checking Videos In And Out Pt 2
Searching For A Video
Adding A New Title
Signing Up A New Customer
Hiring And Firing Employees Pt 1
Hiring And Firing Employees Pt 2
Listing Debtors