QuickBooks 2000-2001

Starting Point

Introducing QuickBooks
Installing QuickBooks
Quick Tour

Easy Step Interview

Getting Ready
Starting The Interview
Company Information
Choosing Preferences
Starting Date
Income Details
Non-Inventory Items
Setting Up Inventory
Opening Balances
Accounts Receivable
Finishing Up

Getting Answers

Visit Web Site
Back Up Files
Restore Data
Set-up Passwords
Getting Help

Setting Up Lists

Creating Accounts
Adding Customers
Adding Accounts
Editing Accounts
Adding Vendors
Payroll Lists
Entering Information
Understanding Items
Entering Data
Adding Sales Reps
Customer Types
More Lists
Set Preferences

Creating Form

Viewing Templates
Custom Forms
Layout Designer
Printer Set-Up
Fixing Problems
Removing Template

Invoicing Customers

Creating Invoices
Editing Invoices
Credit Memos
Issuing Refunds
Printing Checks
Printing Invoices

Accounts Receivable

Receiving Invoices
Managing Cash Sales
Depositing Checks
Vendor Bills
Purchase Orders
Item Receipts
Recording Credits
Memorized Transactions

Paying Bills

Pay Now or Later
View Unpaid Bills
Creating Graphs
Paying Vendors
Writing Checks
Printing Checks
Sales Tax Report
Paying Sales Tax
Changing Options

Running Payroll

Getting Ready
Checking Items
Signing Up
Setting Up Payroll
Paying Employees
Preparing Forms
Form 940
W2 Forms
State Tax Report
Tax Deposits
Tax Tables
Setting Preferences
Find An Advisor

Using Inventory

Quick Review
Inventory Groups
Editing Items
Making Adjustments
Quick Report
Making Notes
Set Preferences

Your Check Book

Making Deposit
Check Register
Missing Checks
Set Preferences
Transfer Funds
Petty Cash
Handling Cash
Credit Cards
Memorize Transaction
Reconcile Data
Bad Accounts

Online Banking

Online Banking
Getting Connected
Find Bank
Signing Up
Set-Up Interview
Accessing Accounts
Transfer Funds
Paying Bills
Sending Messages

Tax Time

Running Reports
P & L Reports
Income & Expenses
Balance Sheets
View 1099
Print 1099
Closing Your Books


Creating Budgets
Viewing Budgets
Job Budgets
Run Reports

QuickBooks Extras

Other Stuff
To Do List
Create Web Site
Merchant Services
Buy Services
Get Up-dates
Decision Tools

QuickBooks 2001

What's New
Installing 2001
QuickBooks Coach

Customer Service

Improving Services
Credit Cards
Processing Cards
E-mail Invoices
Spell Checker

Modify Reports

Changing Fonts
Adding & Deleting
Changing Headers
Multiple Reports

Getting Around & More

Finishing Up
Editing Icons
Displaying Windows
Customizing Desktop
Coming Soon