Scanning and PrePress

Before You Scan

Rec. System Requirements
Allocating RAM
Rec. Scanner Features
Installing ScannerSoftware
Optical Res & Bit Depth
Image Types (1, 8, 24-bit)
Resolution Types
Resolution Requirements
Scaling Restrictions
Basic Photoshop Preferences
Finding The Sweet Spot

Scanning Line Art

ScanLineArt/Apply Settings
Cropping Line Art
Cleaning Up Line Art
LA/Fine Detail (Photoshop)
LA/Fine Detail (ScanDefault)
Saving Line Art
Troubleshooting Line Art

Basic Selection Techniques

Selecting in Photoshop
The Marquee Selection
The Lasso Tool
The Magic Wand Tool
Anti Aliasing & Feathering
Saving Selections
A Halftone Primer
A Dot Gain Primer

Halftones- Before You Scan

Paper Stock
Output Device Limitations
Grayscale Scan Settings
The Gamma Control Panel

Scanning Halftones

AssessingYourScan (Levels)
Highlight and Shadow Dot
Hi/Lo PressLimitTest Strip
The CurvesDialog(Contrast)
The Curves Dialog (Tips)
Compensating for Dot Gain
Sharpening (Unsharp Mask)
Retouching (Rubber Stamp)
Retouching with Copy/Paste
Saving Your Halftones
Scanning Halftone In Action
Troubleshooting Halftones

Color- Before You Scan

Intro to Working in Color
Evaluate Hardware & Environment
Preferences (Monitor Setup)
Editing in RGB vs. CMYK
Gray Balance/Neutral Grays
Assessing the Original

Scanning Color Images

Scanner Settings (Color)
Setting Endpoints (Color)
Unsharp Mask ... (Color)
Adjusting Color Balance
Selective Editing
Gamut Warning/CMYK Conversion
Fundamental Color Correcting
Saving (TIFF, EPS, DCS files)
Black Generation (UCR/GCR)
Scanning Color (in action)
Troubleshooting Color Images

Production Techniques

Creating a Silhouette
Pen Tool Basics
Creating a Clipping Path
More on the Paths Palette
Clipping with More Than 1 Path
Make a Selection from a Path
Troubleshooting Clip Paths
Tracing Images Manually
Tracing with Adobe Streamline
Converting Vectors to Pixels
Vectors to Pixels (2)
Vector to Pixels - Type
Soft Drop Shadows 1
Soft Drop Shadows 2
Soft Drop Shadows 3
Soft Drop Shadows 4
Beating Moire (Grayscale)
Beating Moire (Color)
Duotones and Quadtones