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How Directories Work
Finding Information with a Directory
Finding Information with Yahoo & Looksmart
Searching a Directory (1)
Searching a Directory (2)

Search Engines

How Search Engines Work (1)
How Search Engines Work (2)
Finding Information with Search Engines (1)
Finding Information with Search Engines (2)
Finding Information with Search Engines (3)
The Invisible Web
Resources for the Invisible Web
When to use the Invisible Web
Finding Information on Invisible Web
Finding an ATM Machine on the Invisible Web
Find a Flight to Paris on the Invisible Web

Optimize your Search

Define A Search Strategy
Which Service should I Use
Fine Tune your Keywords
Search Engine or Directory
Useful Resources
Searching for FTP Resources
Downloading FTP Files
Resources for Anonymous FTP Sites

Other Areas to Search

Introduction to News Groups
Wide Area Information System
Using Gopher to Search
Search Options
Finding Tickets
Using a Cluster Search
Finding Exchange Rates

Boolean Operators

Introduction to Boolean Operators
Boolean Searching (1)
Boolean Searching (2)
Introduction to Grouping Operators
Using Grouping Operators
Stop Words
Natural Language Search
Concept Searching

Phase Operators & Proximity Searching

introduction to Phrase Operators
Phrase Operators in Action
Proximity Operators
Combining Phrase and Proximity
Proximity Searches in Lycos
Proximity Searches in AltaVista
Required & Excluded Terms
Using Wild Cards to Search
Using Word Stemming
More on Word Stemming

Required & Excluded Terms

Using - and + Symbols (1)
Using - and + Symbols (2)
Introduction to Field Searching
Field Searching in Action
Restrictions on Results

Advanced Searching & Algorithms

Introduction to Advanced Web Searching
Using Advanced Search
More on Advanced Searching Techniques
Search Engine Syntax
Search Engine Syntax (2)
How Search Engines Rank Pages (1)
How Search Engines Rank Pages (2)
How Successful is Ranking

Problem Solving

How to deal with Problems (1)
How to deal with Problems (2)
Dealing with Errors
Using cached for Missing Pages
Resources for helping find missing pages
Reporting Broken Links

Customizing your Browser

Working with your Browser
Book marking Searches
Using the Browsers built in Search
Introduction to a Key Sites Library
Organising and adding Key Sites

Useful Resources

Using Copernic
Searching Newsgroups (1)
Searching Newsgroups (2)
Advanced Newsgroup Searching
Searching Serve Lists (1)
Searching Serve Lists (2)
International Language Searches
Resources for International Search Engines
Specialized Information Sites
Resources for Education
Searching for People
Searching your Ancestry


AltaVista's Settings
Filtering AltaVista's results
In-depth look at AltaVista's Tools
AltaVista Search Facilities
AltaVista's Search Assistant
AltaVista's International Sites


Setting Google's Preferences
Searching with Google
Advanced Searching with Google
Web Resources for the Search Engines
Technical Resources for Search Engines
Using the Search Engine Resource Sites

Fast Search

Introduction to Fast Search
Customize Fast Search Settings
Basic Fast Search
Advanced Fast Search
Introduction to Highway 61
Searching with Highway 61

Optimizing your own Site

Introduction to optimising your own site
Choosing your Keywords
Resources to help rank your site
Introduction to Word tracker
Analysing your Keywords with Word Tracker
Using the Internet Keyword Finder
Using Gotos Keyword Inventory
Using Bruce Clays Optimisation Tools

Meta Tags

Introduction to Meta Tags
Writing Meta Keyword Tags
Writing Meta Description Tags
Optimizing your Meta Tags
Keyword Prominence in your Page
How to use your Keywords in Tables
Keywords in the Alt and Link Text
Adding Keywords to your Title Tag
Keywords in other Tags
Adding your Keywords in the Text
Summary for Optimizing for Robots

Keyword Density

Keyword Frequency Counter
Density Analysis
Customized Analysis

Submitting your Site

Where to Submit your Site
Submitting to AltaVista
Submitting to Inktomi
Submitting to the Smaller Engines
Introduction to Submitting to Directories
Submitting to Dmoz (Open Directory)
Automated Submission Tools
Using the Top Dog Submission Tool


Links popularity
Beware of FFA pages
How Popular are You?
Tips for Using a Frameset
Hidden Text Links
Check to see if you are Listed
Pay for Listings
Buying a Number 1 Listing
Pay per Click Listings

Advanced Optimization

Spamming the Search Engines
What are Doorway Pages
Using a Page Generator
Cloaking and IP Delivery