Sony Vegas 5

Introducing Vegas

VTC Introduction
New in Vegas 5
About Digital Video
Getting to Know Vegas pt. 1
Getting to Know Vegas pt. 2
Customizing the Interface
Setting Vegas Preferences

Vegas Workflow

Creating a New Project
Working with Media
Editing a Project
Previewing a Project
Rendering a Project
Saving a Project

Working with The Media Pool

Importing Media
Capturing Images from a Scanner
Capturing Audio from Your CD Drive
Organizing the Media Pool
Searching the Media Bins

Capturing Digital Video

Setting up Your System
Specifying Sony Capture Preferences
Basic Capture Techniques
Advanced Capture Techniques
Batch Capturing

Working with Media

Creating a Media Event
Trimming a Media Event
Compressing and Expanding Events
Using Ripple Editing
Adding Event FX pt. 1
Adding Event FX pt. 2
Grouping Events
Copying/Cutting/Pasting Events

Advanced Video Editing Techniques

Slipping and Sliding Events
Adding Media as Takes
Using Track Controls
Compositing Tracks
Working with Event and Track Envelopes
Using the Trimmer

Working with Video Transitions

Creating a Crossfade
Using Preset Video Transitions
Creating a Custom Transition
Adding a Transition Progress Envelope

Modifying and Enhancing Digital Video

Cropping and Panning an Event
Creating a Faux Widescreen Video
Working with 3D Track Motion pt. 1
Working with 3D Track Motion pt. 2
Create Video Masks
Color Correcting a Video Event
Using the Sony Color Curves Plug-in
Using the Sony Color Corrector Plug-in
Sony Secondary Color Corrector Plug-in
Using the Magic Bullet Plug-in

Adding Credits and Titles

Creating Scrolling Credits
Creating a Timed Sequence Credit
Adding Text to a Project
Creating Text Overlays
Creating Subtitle Text

Working With Generated Media

About the Sony Color Picker
Creating a Solid Color Background
Creating a Gradient Background
Animating Generated Media

Working with Audio

Working with Audio Track Controls
Cleaning up Audio with Automation FX
Working with Audio Plug-ins
Using Audio Envelopes
Working with Non Real Time Event FX
Using Audio Busses
Mixing Audio
Recording into a Track
Recording a Voiceover

Vegas Tips and Tricks

Creating Selections
Working with Markers and Regions
Creating a Dynamic RAM Preview
Rendering a Selection to a New Track
Working with Vegas Scripts

Creating Visual Eye Candy

Creating a Moving Star Field
Creating a Split Window Intro
Masking a Video Track
Creating a Star Wars Intro pt. 1
Creating a Star Wars Intro pt. 2
Creating Flythrough Text
Creating a Video in a Video
Creating a Video Collage

Rendering a Project

Working with Render Templates pt. 1
Working with Render Templates pt. 2
Render for the Web
Render for CD-ROM
Render Broadcast Quality Video


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