Sun Microsystems Solaris CX-310-014

Introduction to the Sun Certifications

The Sun Microsystems Certifications
Sun Certification Exams for Solaris 9
Taking the Exams

Overview of Sun Solaris 9

An Overview of Solaris Operating System
An Overview of Sun Hardware
A Brief History of Solaris

Preparing for Installation

Installing from CD/DVD and What You Need
Terminology and System Requirements
Installation Types and Methods
Installation Disk Layout Planning

Installation of Solaris 9

Beginning Installation Emergency Booting
Text Console Installation I
Text Console Installation II
Text Console Installation III
Upgrading Solaris

Packages and Patches

An Overview of Packages
Installing a Package
Viewing Installed Packages
Checking Packages
Removing Installed Packages
An Overview of Patches
Adding a Patch
Checking for Installed Patches
Removing a Patch

Booting a SPARC System

The SPARC Boot Process
An Overview of the OpenBoot PROM
The OpenBoot PROM Commands
Working with NVRAM Variables
OpenBoot Devices and Device Aliases
Booting and Shutting Down the System
Resetting a Hung System
System Diagnostics
OpenBoot Prom Security
System Run Levels
The Run Control Scripts

Managing System Processes

An Overview of Solaris Management Tools
The Role of Processes and Process Types
Graphical Tools for Viewing Processes
Command Line Tools for Viewing Processes
Deciphering the Process Command Output
Controlling Processes with Signals
Process Scheduling and Schedulers
Priorities Using nice and priocntl
Scheduled Jobs and Beginning cron
Editing a crontab
cron and at Access Control
Using the at command

Managing File Systems

File Systems Explained
Disks/ Drivers/ and Device Names
Disk Geometry and File Systems Overview
Partitioning Using format
Creating UFS File Systems
Checking and Repairing a UFS File System
The Default Solaris File System Layout
Mounting and Unmounting File Systems
File System Links
Viewing Disk Usage Information
Working with Floppy Disks and CD-ROMs

User and Security Administration

About User Accounts and Groups
Working with User Accounts and Groups
Shell Initialization Files
System Access Control
File Access Control Through Permissions
su/ Special Permissions/ and File Types
Basic User Auditing

Managing Network Printers

Printing in Solaris
Configuring a Printer
Printer Classes and Client Defaults

Performing System Backups and Restores

Solaris Backup and Restore Utilities
Solaris Tape Devices
Using tar for Backup and Restore
Using dd
Backup Procedures and ufsdump
File System Snapshots with fssnap
Backing Up with ufsdump
Restoring with ufsrestore


Summary and Additional Resources


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