Symantec ACT 2000

ACT! Terminology

What is Contact Management
ACT! Screen Elements
Contact Record Basics
Browsing Records

Scheduling Our Day

Scheduling Tools
Lookup Basics
The Contact List
Customizing a Contact List
Tag Mode
Edit Mode
Schedule Activity Advanced
Recurring Settings
The Task List
Task List Filters
Managing From the Task List
Using The Calendar
Printing The Calendar

Inserting a Contacts

Contact Basics
Entering Information
Duplicating Contacts
Drop Down Lists
Managing and Deleting Contacts

Putting It On Paper

Letters, Memos, and Faxes
ACT! Word Processor
Editing a Template
Creating a Template
Modifying Menus
MS Word in ACT! 2000
Creating Templates in Word
Mail Merges
Creating History and Attaching Documents
E-Mail Through ACT!
Contact Reports
Phone List and Contact Directory
Sales Report Basics

Sales Opportunity Management

The Sales Opportunity Tab
Modifying an Opportunity
A Closer Look at a Sales Opportunity
Creating a New Opportunity
Sales Stage Tracking
Completing the Sale
Sales Reports
Sales Funnel
Sales Graphs

Group Management Overview

Group Management
Groups vs. Lookups
Creating Groups
Group Rules
Group Notes

Customizing Contact Fields Overview

Customizing Contact Fields
Creating a Drop-Down List
Copying a Drop-Down List

Editing Preferences Overview

Editing Preferences
General Preferences
Colors and Fonts
Calendar Preferences
Scheduling Preferences
E-Mail Settings
Name Preferences
Spell Checking and Dictionaries
Startup Preferences
Dialer Preferences

Database Administration Overview

Database Administration
Creating a Securing Database
The Administrator Password
Defining Users
Database Maintenance - Re-indexing
Database Maintenance - Data Clean-up
Backing Up a Database
Restoring a Database
Deleting a Database

Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools Overview
Help Tools
Internet Links
Timer and Mini-Calendar
Dale Carnegie Training
Live Updates