Troubleshooting Your Mac

Troubleshooting Your Mac

What is Troubleshooting?
What Troubleshooting is About
Why this CD Will Help (pt 1)
Why this CD Will Help (pt 2)

Tech Resources

User Manuals
Tech Support (pt 1)
Tech Support (pt 2)
Tech Support (pt 3)


Installing Ram (pt 1)
Installing Ram (pt 2)
Installing Ram (pt 3)
Installing Ram (pt 4)

The Monitor

The Monitor Cords
How the Monitor Works
The Monitor

The Mac Battery

The Mac Battery (pt 1)
The Mac Battery (pt 2)

The Keyboard

How the Keyboard Works
Cleaning Keyboards (pt 1)
Cleaning Keyboards (pt 2)
Cleaning Keyboards (pt 3)
Cleaning Keyboards (pt 4 )

SCSI Issues

SCSI Issues (pt 1)
SCSI Issues (pt 2)
SCSI Issues (pt 3)
SCSI Issues (pt 4)
SCSI Issues (pt 5)
SCSI Cords
SCSI Probe

The Mac Mouse

How the Mouse Works
Cleaning the Mouse (pt 1)
Cleaning the Mouse (pt 2)
Cleaning the Mouse (pt 3)

The CD ROM Player

How the CD-ROM Works
The CD ROM Player
CD ROM Cleaning


Differences in Memory
Memory Controls
Virtual Memory
The RAM Disk (pt 1)
The RAM Disk (pt 2)
Performance Problems
The Disk Cache
Ram Allocation
Ram Location
Cool Ram Tricks
Ram Guru 2.9
Startup Ram Issues
Diagnosing Ram Problems

The TS Toolkit

Disk First Aid
Virus Utilities
Virus Snapshots
System Cleanup
Tech Tool Overview
Norton Utilities
Conflict Catcher
Mac Care Unit
Net Barrier
Virus Barrier
Copy Agent
Chaos Master
Mac Check

The Desktop

The Mac Desktop
An Orderly Desktop
An Orderly OS
Documents Tricks
The Documents Folder
Desktop Organizing
Big Troubleshooting in a Small Way

The Internet

The Internet
Connection Methods
DSL Issues (pt 1)
DSL Issues (pt 2)
Phone Line Issue
Domain Name System
What is the DNS?
Email Setup
SMTP & POP (pt 1)
SMTP & POP (pt 2)
Email Problems
Email Fixes (pt 1)
Email Fixes (pt 2)
Email Attachments (pt 1)
Email Attachments (pt 2)
Email Virus Potentials
Mac Link Plus
Internet Compression

Virus Issues

Virus Overview
Virus Prevention

The System Folder

The Computer Tools
The Apple Menu
The Control Panels
The System Guts
Extensions Information
The Extensions Mgr.
Extension Conflicts
Mac Extensions

Finger Dancing

What is Finger Dancing?
Finger Dancing Lessons (pt 1)
Finger Dancing Lessons (pt 2)
Finger Dance Key Commands
More Key Commands (pt 1)
More Key Commands (pt 2)
More Key Commands (pt 3)
Standard Key Commands (pt 1)
Standard Key Commands (pt 2)

The Clean Install

Clean Install (pt 1)
Clean Install (pt 2)
Clean Install (pt 3)
Finishing a Clean Install (pt 1)
Finishing a Clean Install (pt 2)
Clean Installs (pt 1)
Clean Installs (pt 2)
Exchanging Fonts
Exchanging Preferences
Clean Purging

Top 20 Questions

Software Installation
Rebuilding the Desktop
Zapping the PRAM
The Flashing Question Mark
Backing Up Files
Defragmenting the Drive
Extension Conflicts
Data Recovery
Help in Mac OS
Computer Doesn't Launch
Internet Connections
Finding Lost Files
How Much RAM do I Need?
How Do I Give more Ram to an App.
Updating Hard Disk Drivers
What is USB?
Upgrading the Mac OS
What are the Advantages of USB
Things To Remember

Hard Drive Issues

How the Hard Drives Work
Don't Do This

Buying a New MAC

How to Choose a New MAC
What is Available