Unix Shell Fundamentals


About this Course
Audience and Prerequisites

Understanding UNIX

What is UNIX?
UNIX History
Which UNIX?
UNIX Architecture

Understanding the UNIX Shell

What is the UNIX Shell?
Which Shell?
Logging In
Basic Commands
Command Syntax
Getting Help
Logging Out

Files and Directories

Working with Files and Directories
Commands for Files and Directories Pt 1
Commands for Files and Directories Pt 2
Filenames and File Types
Wildcards Pt 1
Wildcards Pt 2
Displaying File Contents
Comparing Files
Copying, Moving and Renaming Files
Deleting Files
Hidden Files
The "." and ".." Directories
Relative vs Absolute Paths
Working with Directories
Finding Files
Archiving Files


Users and Groups
Security Related Problems
File Protection Overview Pt 1
File Protection Overview Pt 2
Changing File Permissions
Changing File Ownership
Changing File Group
A Dangerous Security Loophole

Combining Programs - Pipes and Filters

Introduction to Combining Programs
Standard Output
Standard Input
Standard Input and Output
About Filters
Common Filters
Searching for Text in Files
Standard Error

Process Control

About Processes Pt 1
About Processes Pt 2
Running Commands Asynchronously
Killing Processes
More Process Control
Scheduling Commands

vi - A UNIX Text Editor

Understanding vi
Starting vi
Manipulating Files in vi Pt 1
Manipulating Files in vi Pt 2
Moving Around Pt 1
Moving Around Pt 2
Basic Editing Pt 1
Basic Editing Pt 2
Basic Editing Pt 3
Advanced Editing Pt 1
Advanced Editing Pt 2
Configuring vi Pt 1
Configuring vi Pt 2

The UNIX File System

Introduction to the Unix File System
How Files are Stored
Understanding Links Pt 1
Understanding Links Pt 2
Linking Files
Symbolic Links Pt 1
Symbolic Links Pt 2
UNIX File Types
Mounting Pt 1
Mounting Pt 2


Using telnet
Using mail

Customising Your Shell Environment

Changing your Login Shell
Environment Variables Pt 1
Environment Variables Pt 2
Your PATH Pt 1
Your PATH Pt 2
Your Prompt
Your .profile
Command-line Editing
Korn Shell Command-line Editing
Shell Customisation Options Pt 1
Shell Customisation Options Pt 2
The End